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wow so the dolphin asked her to marry him and she kisses the other guy right in front of him rude ass bitch


wow so the dolphin asked her to marry him and she kisses the other guy right in front of him rude ass bitch

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Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Apollo e Daphne.

from Ovid’s Metamorphoses

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officially experiencing my first straight white dude calling truffaut “genius”, feel like i looked under the bed to find that the bogeyman i’d always believed to be an irrational childhood fear is real 

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Instead of just looking up into the sky, you’re actually gazing down into the infinite cosmic abyss, with only gravity holding you onto the surface of the earth.


i was not prepared for that

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"Only here’s what I really, really want someone to explain to me. What if one happens to be possessed of a heart that can’t be trusted—? What if the heart, for its own unfathomable reasons, leads one willfully and in a cloud of unspeakable radiance away from health, domesticity, civic responsibility and strong social connections and all the blandly-held common virtues and instead straight towards a beautiful flare of ruin, self-immolation, disaster? If your deepest self is singing and coaxing you straight toward the bonfire, is it better to turn away? Stop your ears with wax? Ignore all the perverse glory your heart is screaming at you? Set yourself on the course that will lead you dutifully towards the norm, reasonable hours and regular medical check-ups, stable relationships and steady career advancement, the New York Times and brunch on Sunday, all with the promise of being somehow a better person? Or is it better to throw yourself head first and laughing into the holy rage calling your name?" — The Goldfinch, Donna Tartt

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The Black MermaidPhoto Credit: Roberto Manetta


The Black Mermaid
Photo Credit: Roberto Manetta

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