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Anonymous said to me: "if you miss avatar the last airbender you should check out the legend of korra! :)"

ahh i watched the first season and a few episodes of the second but imo it’s nowhere near as good as atla :’( i was very very interested in the equalists in s1 but i think that tlok kinda dropped the ball with that. i wish they had gone for the same slow-burn story over 3 seasons (as in atla) exploring the anti-bender movement and the revolution and AH i don’t know why the showrunners decided to neatly wrap up that intrigue in one season it felt like so much wasted potential

there are some great characters in tlok but the construction of atla was. as close to perfect as one can get with storytelling. not even “for a kid’s show.” just in general. 

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Anonymous said to me: "wait you live in Boston?"

not usually

but i was there for about 75% of this summer

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Anonymous said to me: "My friend hasn't read the books&was talking about Robb & Talisa. He said it was a dick move to back out on the Freys, but now he's happy& the Freys are marrying his uncle so it's not a big deal now. I didn't say 'sweet summer child' but I thought it."

don’t hint even a little bit, not even with a glint in your eye

let that shock wash over him

just go ahead and let him see it unfold with absolutely no idea it’s coming


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jonsknown said to me: "your url, no"


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Anonymous said to me: "hey im a lil drunk roght now and so im a little bit brave and i just wanted to say that i actually really appreciated you here on tumblr, like your compassion and loveliness keeps me going so thank you for being you xx"

ahhhhhhhh anon i’m so glad to offer you any support/help at all!!!!!

(what a lovely message to get hello welcome 2 my blog & self)

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Anonymous said to me: "How did you manage to study in Paris for a year? I want!"


i’m sorry anon it’s a sore subject

I’m living in Rennes, in the northwest of France, through a high school study abroad program called SYA that my school sends kids to every year! It’s for juniors and seniors. The application process is fairly easy and imo it’s better than living in Paris because much fewer people speak English here than in Paris—so you’re forced to utilize your French! I would really recommend it to anyone in high school looking to study abroad—there are also programs in Spain, China, and Italy. 

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Anonymous said to me: "Are you still in France?"

i feel like i get this question on the reg and it’s gonna be really depressing when i finally have to respond “no”

tl;dr ya

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Anonymous said to me: "raptorific(.)tumblr(.)com/post/42785171329/gale-hawthorne-you-stand-accused i just found this post and I know you like gale and i do too so i just wanted to ask about your opinion on this post??!! because idk I am just like ??????"

i just cannot


I don’t ever see people calling Gale’s actions 100% justified or excusing them completely. Do I consider him morally perfect? Do I think that the people who died because of his weapons don’t matter? Absolutely not. But what I consistently hated about THG is the way violent resistance is treated—as automatically evil. Is it automatically righteous? No, it’s not that either—war is terror, and horror, and within its confines the right thing to do is seldom clear.

I do not blame Gale for what he did. Starving the Districts was violence. Putting their children in the Games was violence. The Capitol was mercilessly violent to the citizens of Panem for years. Gale fought back with violence. What choice was left to him, or any of the other revolutionaries? Peaceful protest and strongly worded pamphlets was never going to take down the Capitol.

What makes war stories so compelling is how morally impossible they are—it is wrong to kill, yes, but is it still wrong if someone else is rushing at you with a gun? At what point is one working for the “greater good”, and does such a thing exist? That’s what I often disliked about the series, or rather its fandom, for acting as if there was a “right” choice at all.

So yes, I guess, I hold Gale responsible for the war crimes the OP listed. But that doesn’t make him evil. And it is so exhausting and unfair and frankly, boringto say that it does.

plus omfg that post ending with “mAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL” lmaO

(I’ve written meta about this before too.)

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Anonymous said to me: "when did you switch back to this tumblr"

it’s the same blog i just switched back to my old url about a week or two ago now

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Anonymous said to me: "what do you think about Kristen Stewart being fancasted as older Ayra Stark in fancasts? I think it's pretty badass"

i don’t mind it! i think kristen’s a pretty good choice—just not mine personally. i think she’s somehow too serene for me to see her as a perfect arya. 

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