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"Biologists call a small male fish who darts in to fertilize eggs a “sneaker,”, a medium male who resembles a female a “female mimic,”, and a large aggressive territorial male a “parental,” to place a positive spin of his egg guarding. Both the sneaker and the female mimic are “sexual parasites” of the parental male’s “investment” in nest construction and territorial defense. The sneaker and the female mimic are said to express a gene for “cuckoldry,” as though the parental male were married to a female in his territory and victimized by her unfaithfulness. In fact, a territorial male and the female who is temporarily in his territory are not pair-bonded. Scientists sneak gender stereotypes into the primary literature and corrupt its objectivity. Are these descriptions only harmless words? No. The words affect the view of nature that emerges from biology." —

Joan Roughgarden (2004) Evolution’s Rainbow: Diversity, Gender, and Sexuality in Nature and People, University of California Press, Berkeley
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I feel like this is slightly relevant although more to do with heteronormativity than sexism. The study of animal behaviour still has a lot of both of these and it’s actively harmful to discussing both animal and human behaviour.

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Don’t Look Now


The original story of Kitty Genovese’s death, first promulgated by the New York Times in a front-page article 50 years ago today—young single woman brutally murdered while 38 strangers watched and did nothing—was incorrect in almost every particular.

The murder itself was horrifying, of course. The Times got that right. But the story that made Genovese a household name and a symbol of modern social dysfunction got nearly everything else wrong. From the number of witnesses to the details of the crime to the timing of the police response, there are by my count no fewer than 29 significant errors in the original Times story, five of them in its very first sentence.

this article is so perfect i want to scream

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N O T H I N G   B E S I D E   R E M A I N S

“He does not die like this. He does not die.”
“He was just a man, after all. More so today than ever. Your country will look to you as to how to mourn. Shall we go see the body?”
“He’s not a body! And he’s not dead; at any moment, the king will walk through the door - “
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The Beach Boys / Wouldn’t It Be Nice (Vocals Only)

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"Someone, I tell you, in another time will remember us." — -Sappho (630-612 BCE to approx. 570 BCE), Greek lyric poet from the island of Lesbos

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banksy has set up a website called PEST CONTROL that people can use to verify whether or not a piece of art they bought is a ~banksy original or a knockoff, fuck a banksy w0w thIS IS SOME NEXT LEVEL SHIT

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my beautiful dark twisted fantasy is one of the great masterpieces of our times. and history before that too. 

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i know this has been said 3203942049 times already but it’s fucking disgusting that they can show truly sickening scenes of sexual sadism and violence against women on cable television with only a quick “viewer discretion advised” at the beginning but consensual, loving sex is “not appropriate” for all viewers under any circumstances

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